Elephant Thoughts has been working in northern Canada since 2002. Since then, we’ve become a force for change in First Nations education. We have quickly expanded to become Canada’s largest science outreach program to northern schools, visiting over 70 native communities per year. We even have full-time staff in a number of communities and have won awards for our First Nations and Inuit education programs.

Teaching Communities To Fish

As the saying goes, ‘Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.’ Most educational organizations work only with First Nations and Inuit communities that have already secured the funding to finance education programs. Elephant Thoughts recognizes that the process of securing funding is a big hurdle for many communities. That’s why we teach our First Nations clients to find funding sources and write grant proposals: we build sustainability into everything we do.

When you work with Elephant Thoughts, we teach you self-reliance. Then, if we step out of the picture in years to come, your community will have the skills needed to continue to source funding. We’re here to make your community stronger—smart, happy children are our only end goal! We also leave behind expertise since we hire and train locally whenever possible, leave behind educational resources, and train permanent school staff on the use of our technologies.

All of our work with First Nations and Inuit is strictly not-for-profit. Let us know how we can help with education in your community! Contact us at 705-444-2012 or email us.

Why Elephant Thoughts?

Elephant Thoughts has been working in northern Canada since 2002. We are now Canada’s largest science outreach program to northern schools and visit over 70 native communities per year. We’ve done so well because our programs work. Word gets around! We teach and motivate students in a super fun way and help schools and teachers to better engage students and the community at large. In the places we are active there are more graduates, many of whom are college-bound!

First Nations and Inuit communities face a variety of challenges in providing effective educational programs. But challenge or no challenge, every student deserves a chance at an excellent education. Elephant Thoughts professional educators meet the challenges you face by bringing together deep knowledge in First Nations methodology, special needs, and specific disciplines. We combine indigenous culture, academics and exploration in unique, compelling ways—by engaging elders in the educational process, for example. It’s an approach that helps build self esteem and gives students the skills and courage to chase their dreams.

Science Workshops

Elephant Thoughts has the most sophisticated and effective science and technology outreach program in Canada. This is education at its best! We are creating huge interest with interactive workshops and the most awesome equipment ever, with tons of core curriculum built in.

Our Science Workshops are a thrilling combination of hands-on activities and demonstrations involving equipment that no one else has. Other companies arrive with a few boxes; we arrive with a truck. From our 4,200 square foot Endangered Species module, to the tools and machines that students build in our Renewable Energy module, to our planetarium in which we discover First Nations constellations, programs are built big, bold and with cultural relevance in mind.

Since Elephant Thoughts is not for profit, you get the best programming and the best value available. Everything is grade-specific, which means that we have programs built around every age, from grade 1 to grade 12. You also get what works best for you: from how many students you have, their age mixture, your programming preferences and how long you’d like us to come for (programs typically run from one to three weeks), we’ll suggest science programming that’s custom-designed for your school.

The coolest equipment, award-winning programming, greatest value. What are you waiting for? Elephant Thoughts has tons of experience in Canada’s north—we visit more First Nations communities than anyone else, up to 70 per year. Connect with us to find out more. Call 705-444-2012 or email us.

Summer Science Camps

How would you feel if you could bring in a leading edge science camp to your community that would be the highlight of a child’s summer?

Elephant Thoughts is the only organization in Canada able to bring such a high degree of quality science programming to remote locations all across the country. Our programs are rivaled only by the best in-house science camps at major museums and educational institutions.

Children participate in one full week of hands-on science activities jam-packed with some of the coolest activities imaginable! Every year we add new and exciting topics. Our camps are available in both French and English for elementary and secondary school students.

Elephant Thoughts is a not-for-profit organization. Our mandate is to educate children in an incredibly fun way. Our science camps are built on the principal of FUN, FUN, FUN; they excite children about pursuing science, ignite their imaginations, and expose them to exciting aspects of science and technology. We’re here for you!

Some activities include:

Robotics competitions

Space camp in our giant inflatable planetarium

Telescope viewings in the evenings (for community members also)

Environmental science workshops including live animals

Rocket programs

Silly science

Our Summer Science Camps aim to:

  • Empower First Nations students to believe in themselves as students
  • Excite students about learning
  • Cultivate environmental stewardship
  • Relate First Nations culture and values to science
  • Engage the whole community in the program through community events
  • Spark student curiosity
  • Give kids the most FUN week of the summer!

Giving a child a chance to experience an Elephant Thoughts Science Camp is giving an amazing opportunity where they become intrigued, aware and interested in the larger world around them. Their confidence improves, their creativity expands and they have tons of fun with friends. It is one week the kids will never forget, and guaranteed to be the highlight of their summer!

Connect with us at Elephant Thoughts to find out more: call 705-444-2012 or email us.


Creating more graduates

Elephant Thoughts provides extensive tutoring and exam preparation for students approaching high school graduation. Our success rates are over 90% for all students committed to graduating, no matter what their current levels.

We work with local teachers, showing them review and exam preparation techniques that greatly increase students’ chances of success. These techniques are designed by teachers, special education specialists, and exam preparation specialists. All focus on building student confidence and creating individual plans to ensure the success of each and every student.

Programs can be delivered at a student, class, school or school board level. They are available year-round—not just at exam time. To find out more, call 705-444-2012 or email us.