I’ll never forget my first time teaching in Mirik (Northern India). Our group went to instruct and inspire the Indian and Nepali teachers but in the end, it was they who inspired us! These teachers hike up to 2 hours through the foothills of the beautiful Himalayas to teach children for $1 a day. They work with very few resources or materials but still manage to exude enthusiasm and love for their students and learning. Likewise, the students are amazing! Many of these children live in unbelievable poverty but approach school and life with an optimism and perseverance that you just don’t see here in Canada! We taught them, but what they taught us, was even more valuable. The experience was life changing. I was hooked. I’ve visited Tanzania to start projects for Elephant Thoughts and have since returned to Mirik many times. In both countries, it is the generosity and spirit of the local people that will make your experience one of the most incredible experiences of your life! Simcoe County District School Board