Child Sponsorship

Give the most precious of gifts: education!

For just $155 per year you can send a child to school, giving them a real chance at a much better life. Your contribution will provide a school uniform, books and supplies, tuition for the year and other items for a child from Grade 1 through to the end of high school. You’re under no obligation to commit to the entire period, but we wouldn’t say no if you choose to!

Support a student either in Tanzania or India, and specify a boy or a girl if you wish. You’ll receive a photo and correspondence over the course of each year. Know that you are truly supporting a child in need: we work with school principals to identify promising children whose families simply can’t afford to send them to school—even though they realize it’s the best path to a better life!

Unlike other charities…

Elephant Thoughts is unique among charities in that 100% of your donation reaches the child you are sponsoring. We pay administration fees and currency exchange fees for you. In fact, $155 is often not enough to pay for the clothes, books, tuition and other things that students need, so we pay the difference!

Sponsoring a bright mind to learn, grow and blossom for just $155 per year is one of the best things that you can do with your money. For more information, or to sponsor a child, please click here.

Syrian Family Refugee Sponsorship





Many of us have been following the Syrian Refugee Crisis and want to help.  Elephant Thoughts Educational Outreach is partnering with residents throughout Collingwood in the formation of ‘Collingwood Friends of Syrian Family Sponsorship’. We are looking to raise $75,000 between now and Jan 31st to sponsor two Syrian Families to resettle here in Collingwood.  These families will be vetted through government agencies and once here will need our support. Please take this opportunity to get involved. 100% of donations go directly to the cause.  Donations of $20 or more will receive tax receipts.

Please complete the attached donation form.

Collingwood Syrian Family Sponsorship Donation Form

or donate online at