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The Elephant Thoughts Explore Store

Look for the large wooden dinosaurs on the porch! Come check out our amazing collection of science gadgets, fossils, educational materials and more.  Don’t forget to meet and greet Ringo and Casper, the ring-tailed lemurs, and our other animals. All are welcome!

10138 Hwy 26, Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 3Z1
1.705.444.2012 / 1.866.702.5552

10am-5:30pm Mon- Friday
10am-5pm Saturday
11am-4pm Sunday

Contact Us

Deb Keep, Chair of the Board of Directors, deb@elephantthoughts.com
Jeremy Rhodes, Executive Director, jeremy@elephantthoughts.com
Bill Sloan, CFO, bill@elephantthoughts.com 705-444-2012 ext 200
Tara Bailey, Director General, tara@elephantthoughts.com 705-444-2012 ext 204
Alex Kleiner, Lead Teacher, alex@elephantthoughts.com, 705-444-2012 ext 105
Janine Fleury, Sales Manager, janine@elephantthoughts.com 705-444-2012 ext 215

Volunteering: volunteers@elephantthoughts.com
Employment: apply@elephantthoughts.com
General Inquiries: inquiries@elephantthoughts.com
Internships: internships@elephantthoughts.com
Events: events@elephantthoughts.com


Your feedback is valuable: it helps us serve you better.  We would like to hear your comments, questions, and suggestions about our provision of goods or services to people with disabilities.

Please email inquiries@elephantthoughts.com or download our ACCESSIBILITY FORM HERE. Note that our Customer Service Plan and Policies and Procedures are available upon request.

Thank you, The Elephant Thoughts Team