Overseas Internships

Like to give back and have an amazing experience in a fascinating country, all rolled into one? Elephant Thoughts has short and long-stay internship positions available for just about everyone: families, individuals, groups and teachers. India, Tanzania or Nicaragua…the choice is yours. It’s an educational experience unlike anything else!

All programs are designed to be win-win for participant and developing world partner.  Your contribution to the developing world is generally your funds, as a portion of the money you pay for this trip is allocated to the projects you will be a part of.

You will be placed in situations where you will develop rich, lifelong relationships with people. If you are a nurse for example, we will match you with a group of nurses in the field. In this way you can share information about your lives and jobs and learn from each other.

What you take home with you is priceless.  Teachers and development professionals have designed this experience.  We want you to have the richest experience possible and learn lessons that you can apply at home in your daily life.  The program will have workshops, experiences, and community interactions all designed to teach you about life in the country, the causes and impacts of poverty, and proper international development techniques.  You will share meals and stories with local people. You will learn from refugees and village elders. You will have opportunities to see incredible places.  You will contribute to specific projects but in ways that make sense based on your skill set and what the community truly needs.

We will not have you doing make work projects like painting a school, as we prefer to support the local economy by hiring local people. Occasionally, if you have a specific skill that our partner would benefit from, we may ask you to do some training. We will introduce you to likeminded individuals.

Teachers-The most exciting professional development you will ever have.

We are a teacher’s organization hence our teachers’ internships are one of our greatest passions.  Your experience is designed not just to get you an incredible, rich, fulfilling experience in the developing world, but also to help train you to be a better teacher.

We will match some of your professional development wish list to teachings on the ground in communities. For instance, working side by side with refugees who were teachers in their own countries will help develop skills to teach refugees and diverse ethnic groups in your own classroom.  If it’s music you want to learn, we will partner you with village masters in their discipline and give you a whole new skill set to take home.  While with us you will have formal workshops delivered by educators in the developing world and informal learning opportunities.  You will have the opportunity to be part of think tanks hoping to advance the practices of education everywhere.  You will have the opportunity, if you feel you have something to contribute, to train educators there.

For teachers the reasons to sign on to an Elephant Thoughts Teacher Internship are inarguable.  Visit exciting places; leave behind skill sets; advance education; develop as a teacher yourself; develop rich relationships with children, developing world teachers, village elders, cultural personalities; make a difference. Teachers fresh out of teacher’s college choose Elephant Thoughts internships for all of that and more: as part of their academic placements, to build their resumes, and for the hands-on training they receive and the skills that they develop.

School Groups

Similar to our Teacher Internships, school group programs are built to be win-win.  Our developing world partner schools benefit from the funds raised and the students are immersed in a rich learning experience.   Students will be directly connected to the project their funds are contributing to.  As teachers, we typically build a program that connects with the curriculum of the particular age group of student travellers. In addition, students will be immersed in leadership training, cultural activities, workshops taught by developing world partners about true effective international development practices.  Learning experiences will cover such topics as Climate Change and Poverty, Gender Issues in the Third World, Child Labour, Education, and others.  Students won’t learn it in a remote classroom setting, they will learn immersed in the developing world experience, interacting and developing relationships with local people.  Equally important are the opportunities for adventure, sight seeing, interactions with locals, and relationship building.

All of this is in a very safe, controlled environment, with staff experienced in hosting youth from all over the world.

Making use of your skills

No matter what your ambitions, we can customize your program to suit the focus of your group. We also match individual skills, whether it’s guest teaching, building, gardening, taking care of animals, playing with children, coaching sports or all of the above! Once we understand your expectations and ambitions, we’ll tailor a program around your skills. The skills that you will acquire are no less important: an improved ability to communicate clearly, adaptability, and understanding a different culture. We like to think of it as two-way enrichment!

Adding in the FUN!

You can’t go all the way to Tanzania, India or Nicaragua without seeing the sites. We ensure that you make the most of your visit thanks to our in-country connections—things like going on safari, fishing, visiting museums, art galleries, boat cruises, and seeing the sights. Just let us know what piques your interest and we’ll build it into the itinerary!

Internship fees cover costs such as:

  • Pre-departure preparation
  • In-country orientation, project support and local Elephant Thoughts or partner organization staff supervision
  • All in-country project-related travel, meals and lodging
  • Access to Elephant Thoughts’ teaching resources
  • All costs associated with project development and delivery
  • Debriefing and evaluation upon return

Items not included are:

  • airfare
  • cancellation and medical travel insurance
  • immunizations
  • passport and visa expenses
  • and spending money

To find out more about internship programs in your country of choice, please contact us at 1-866-702-5552 x 204 or email internships@elephantthoughts.com to explore placement possibilities.

Volunteer Tourism

Interested in an exotic vacation with a difference? Elephant Thoughts’ Volunteer Tourism program blends sightseeing and adventure with a fulfilling cultural immersion experience: working with local school children.
Choose from three fabulous destinations: India, Nicaragua or Tanzania. Our Sustainable Schools Model is making waves in all three countries…and you can be part of it! Not only will you be helping communities directly (and learning while you do it), but the proceeds from your vacation go directly to Sustainable Schools efforts in the community you’re visiting.

Work that fits your talents

Working with children in the developing world is an incredible experience. We make it even better by tailoring that experience to your needs and abilities. If you’re a teacher, we would love for you to teach. If you’re a farmer, your help with our animal husbandry or micro-farming programs would be most welcome. If you like soccer and sewing, how about coaching soccer and teaching sewing skills? Whatever your interests, we can create a program that harnesses your unique abilities.

Covering all the bases

Elephant Thoughts’ Volunteer Vacations are guided adventures. You can expect full support from our local staff as soon as you arrive. They are there to pick you up from the airport, escort you on your tour, and to facilitate your work and your stay in local communities. If you should have a need, our full-time staff are there to help.


Choose Tanzania, Nicaragua or India for the most memorable vacation of your life! Do some meaningful work with community schools and enjoy some pretty incredible sightseeing. If you would like to change the proportion of work/play in your chosen itinerary, just ask. Like to add on a few days’ or a few weeks’ extension? We can do that, too! Build your Volunteer Vacation just the way that you want it.

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To enquire further, or to book an adventure, please contact volunteer@elephantthoughts.com.