Unique Event Entertainment

Unique Event Entertainment

Build teacher-designed hands-on science workshops and activities into your Ontario event for learning, laughs and lots of FUN.

Elephant Thoughts will custom build you the most amazing kids entertainment event possible. Imagine a portable science centre delivered right to your door, your kids will be amazed!

Plus, by booking Elephant Thoughts you demonstate you are a great corporate partner as all of the proceeds from our programs help some of the least fortunate kids on the planet!!!

The Elephant Thoughts events team has graced events such as:

Beach Parties

Indoor & Outdoor Fairs

Ski Club Days

Family Gatherings

Art and Music Events

Summer Camp Events

Our professional entertainment team brings the ‘WOW’ factor to any event:

  • Portable Science Centres
  • Interactive Portable Playgrounds
  • Human Hamster Balls
  • Bubble Soccer (Body Zorbs)
  • Laser Tag
  • Dinosaur Programs
  • Maple Taffy
  • and much more

Don’t be fooled by more commercial companies with big claims and high prices.

Real teachers do it best—our events programming is the most exciting thing around!

Zoo guts, One of Kind, ET Created, Awesome!!!

Step inside a 18-foot tall polar bear and touch its organs. Examine what a leatherback turtle had for breakfast, or crawl inside a giant coho salmon.

Zoo Guts is all about exploring species at risk– from the inside out. It’s completely hands-on and totally unique!

Book Zoo Guts for a day at your school, or as part of your event, exhibit or science installation. It teaches about endangered species and their recovery by means of hands-on biology lessons. Best of all, it’s TONS of FUN!

WOW Factor

Zoo Guts’ giant inflatable animals command centre stage at any event. They’re HUGE animals that can fit teams of 10 to 15 students at a time to assemble their heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, brain, intestines, and stomach, to name a few. Each animal comes with an internal map guiding students through the assembly of each unique skeletal, circulatory, nervous, digestive, muscular and respiratory system.


How it works

Five Giant inflatable animals surround the ‘Gut Hut’, occupying a total of 4200 square feet. Children assemble into teams and learn about their assigned animal’s tissues, organs and habits. With the help of clue cards, half of each team enters the Gut Hut (a bouncy castle) and locates the correct inflatable organs—one piece at a time. Children pass each organ to teammates who attempt to correctly place them inside the animal. The first team to restore their animal’s innards wins!

Why Zoo Guts?

These Canadian animals are endangered, so the time to take action is NOW! As children explore these giant creatures, they learn concepts related to human impacts on the environment, habitat conservation, anatomy, biology and environmental science.

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