STEAM Education

Why is ET Delivering STEAM Education?

We are interested in teaching students how to learn, inspiring them to love learning, teaching them how to question the world around them, and teaching them how to be creative and critical thinkers.  We are not interested in cramming a bunch of knowledge into their heads and having them recite it back.  That is storing, not thinking.

We are interested in cultivating appreciation for the natural world and cultivating an appreciation for the differences in people and cultures.

We are most interested in connecting the entire community to the education of their children.

We have found no better tool to do all this then STEAM education.

We can tell you story after story of hundreds of children, adults, and elders lined up behind telescopes to see Saturn for the first time.  We have countless projects where elders and youth work together to create art projects like storybooks all the while learning their Indigenous language.  An exciting Paleontology exhibit can bring the whole community out to the school to learn, touch, and feel the fossils.  We can show you situation after situation where a Northern school’s attendance rate goes from below 60% to above 90% when Elephant Thoughts is in town with their science programs.  We have experienced community pride when our students get selected to represent at the National Science fair for a project that combines conventional and traditional science knowledge.

We are using STEAM in a very unique way.  To inspire, to heal communities, to bring communities together, to get kids back in school, to explore cultures, to create jobs, to develop strong thinkers and future leaders.

Elephant Thoughts Educational Programs


Teaching Robotics and Coding Skills that Engage and Inspire Indigenous Kids!

Indigenous School Programs

Supporting the development of excellence in education, connecting communities to the educational program, ensuring that education is culturally relevant.

Indigenous Science Camps

How would you feel if you could bring a leading edge science camp to your community that would be the highlight of a child’s summer?

Indigenous Science Internships

Creating capacity by sharing our knowledge and techniques is one of our favourites things.  We have internships and training for both teachers and upper level students.

Local Science Camp Programs

Science camps and PD Day programs for elementary level students in the Georgian Bay, Ontario area will be the most exciting days of the year for your young scientist.  Sign up here.



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