Child Freedom Project is a Division of Elephant Thoughts

part of something bigger

Child Freedom Project represents one branch of a parent organization, Elephant Thoughts (ET), fitting relevantly into the mandate of delivering quality “education in a changing world.” Founded in 2002, ET has been serving international, indigenous, and local communities with accessible resources and tools to improve and bolster education, a tool we believe has the power to create change and freedom for all. 

the future looks bright

our mission

The mission of Child Freedom Project is to provide education to Canadian students that equips them with the knowledge they need to be valuable global citizens, the resources they need to make a difference, and the skills to communicate their found values to a broader community.

our values

We value equality, empathy, human rights and above all the power of education to improve an individual's opportunity and quality of life. Our courses and fundraising projects are in line with supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

our vision

We hope to raise millions of dollars each year for our partner recipients, helping to move the globe toward the achievement of zero poverty (and the rest of the UNSDGs). We hope to be present in thousands of classrooms across Canada and to expand our program to other countries, which will only increase the opportunity of existing teachers and students to create meaningful cross-border bonds.