Workforce Development


Our Workforce Development program is strongly positioned to address the challenges and inequities that currently prevent multi-barriered youth from reaching their full potential and being inspired to become ChangeMakers in their communities. We provide comprehensive training and life skills that guide youth into pathways that secure sustainable livelihoods.



We recruit individuals who come from the most difficult circumstances. They often become the strongest emerging leaders with the most resilience and drive to increase capacity in their communities.


We provide accommodations and life skills to individuals that are the furthest from employment, including those that are experiencing homelessness, have violence in their homes, over-crowding situations, or youth from the most remote areas of Canada.


Sustainable Building/Renewable Energy

An ideal opportunity for emerging youth leaders to explore a career in conventional building and/or in the green building industry. This is a key focus area is an industry that is innovative and rapidly growing in support of both the climate and housing crisis.

  • Core competencies in green design and conventional building principles
  • Health and Safety, WHIMIS, First Aid/CPR, Working from Heights, Construction Math
  • Roof-top solar installation training
  • Wind turbine maintenance
  • GIS (geographic information systems) training.
  • Workshops in Living Building, Net Zero and Passive House Construction
  • Hands on training in real-time projects led by Red Seal professionals
  • Connections to apprenticeships and employer partners

Culinary Arts/Regenerative Agriculture

Food literacy and food security are significant components of this program through the demonstration of regenerative agriculture and soil carbon capture practises. It is excellent for those who want to pursue careers in the food production or carry on to receive their Red Seal certification as a chef.

  • Nutrition and food literacy
  • Food Handling Certificate, Smart Serve, First Aid/CPR, WHIMIS, Allergen Awareness, knife skills, culinary skills
  • market farming and provided with access to participation in all aspects of
  • Sustainable food production
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Introduction to Young Farmer’s Program


I began this program with very little self-esteem and not a lot of hope for the future. I have had to endure many hardships and did not complete high school. Because of Elephant Thoughts, I have been given a chance for a real life. I have learned job skills and learned life skills to take care of myself. I have reunited with my family and finished the credits I needed to complete my diploma. I received extra support for nutrition and transportation and am working on getting my driver’s licence. After finishing my training I am hoping to continue by entering the trades and Elephant Thoughts is helping me transition into the workforce. ~STUDENT

I firmly believe in the concept of this project, and am thrilled to collaborate and bond with other young people, through this process, who also share my passions. My pathway coach has helped me develop a career pathway and I have gained real work experience and an opportunity to find a fulltime job. I am loving the opportunity to learn more about sustainable building and renewable energy and how it fits with climate change— in tandem with the cultural exchange and training. I personally learn best with hands-on experience, so this is an ideal opportunity for me to thrive in. ~STUDENT



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