Apply what you are teaching. Take part in small, meaningful fundraising initiatives submitted by individuals and organizations around the world.

enhanced learning:
through classroom fundraising initiatives

As a Child Freedom Project Classroom your students will not only learn about unique issues around the world, but they will have the opportunity to help make a measurable difference. Turn learning into action by participating in raising funds for small projects submitted by people and organizations all around the world. 
When your students take action and make a positive difference they feel empowered and inspired. Imagine the impact of children and youth that understand the value and practice of giving and civic participation. We believe that real-world application of classroom knowledge allows students to synthesize course material in more meaningful ways. 

give purpose

Often students ingest information about global issues without being provided with the opportunity to be part of the solution. We hope to empower students and help them find self worth and purpose through the combination of learning and action.  

transformative teaching

Providing students with the opportunity to apply what they are learning enhances the learning experience and often provides them with a broader appreciation of the discipline and a deeper understanding of the content they are presented with.

cultivate care

A key goal Child Freedom Project instil  and enhance a sense of civic responsibility on a community and global level. Beyond the academic content of the course material and the act of giving, we are indirectly teaching empathy and concern on a global level.

fundraising initiatives

child to child funding

global partner recipients

We accept projects from all over the world. From Haiti to Sierra Leone to the Philippines and everywhere in between, our aim is to make an impact in as many different places and lives as possible. Make it part of your class learning experience to explore a number of different projects from around the world. Explore and chose together.

realistic goals

We aim to keep our project fundraising targets as manageable as possible. We help our partner recipients break down their larger goals into individual projects that can be spread across several different classes. Take on one or take on a handful with your class or school each year. We know that fundraising can be an overwhelming challenge, which is why we have created small incremental projects. We are here to help!

Transparency & Efficiency

We aim to maintain transparency and use the funds that you and your class work hard to raise toward meeting the needs of our partner recipients. Our goal is to ensure that at least 90 cents from every dollar you raise goes directly to the partner recipients.

how it works

We know that fundraising initiatives can be challenging. We want to keep this as simple and impactful as possible. We are here to support you and your class throughout the process. 


It's simple, complete the form below to request a demo and a personal project manager will be in touch to help you with the on-boarding process.
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As a class, browse and learn about our global partner recipients and their current needs. This process is an incredible exercise in learning in itself.
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Raise funds for your own classroom selected fundraising initiative. Your class will be assigned a program manager to support you along the way.
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Your students will get the incredible opportunity to witness the impact of their actions by connecting directly with your partner recipients who will share multimedia content with your class to further enhance the learning experience.
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here to help

As a teacher you will be assigned your own project support manager. We will help you with your fundraising process, help you to take advantage of all of our learning resources, and with any questions or concerns you might have.