a community brightening initiative

help us spread a little joy

Dear friends, We are on a mission to spread joy, and we need your help! We hope many of you are familiar with us and the work we do in our community and throughout the world. Locally, perhaps we have always been well known for our beautiful retail shop full of educational and fun toys, games, and books which expanded to include beautiful handmade gifts from all around the world.  After much deliberation we have decided to close our store and gift the contents. What better way to give back and spread a little bit of happiness and appreciation to the people and community that we love? 

how it works

ways you can help us #SPREADJOY

Give Fun

Think of someone in our community who deserves the gift of fun. Do you know a family with kids who would appreciate receiving some beautiful toys, books and games? There is NO criteria for nominating a family to receive a gift. 

Give Gratitude

We all know someone in the community who is working hard while we are safe at home social distancing. Whether this person is a nurse, grocery store clerk, delivering mail - you name it, we would like to spread joy through demonstrating gratitude. 

Give Beauty

Do you own a business with a storefront on one of our community streets? Spread joy by joining the movement and having our beautification partner, Matilda Swanson Gallery. One of the gallery's artists will come and paint joy on your storefront window.

Give Nourishment

Sign up your family to take part in this exciting culinary exploration program. Families who participate will receive a box of fresh ingredients at their door step, and access to a live cooking class with exciting chefs.

Give Enrichment

With many programs cancelled this summer due to the current pandemic, we wanted to find another way to enrich the lives of young ones this season. Request a spot for your child to receive access to a 5 day virtual summer camp complete with a delivered kit of supplies.

Give Fresh Air

Send your child(ren) to Elephant Thoughts' School In Nature next year, tuition is on us. Give the gift of glorious fresh air, learning in the great outdoors! Let your kids be kids, get dirty, be a little wild and learn in the most wonderful classroom of all.

Nominate a Family with Children

Nominate a family, we will randomly select 20 + recipients per week and deliver a gift of toys, books and games to their doorstep.
Give Fun

Nominate an Every Day Hero

Nominate an every day hero, we will randomly select 10+ per week and deliver a beautiful handcrafted gift to their doorstep.
Give Thanks

Have your Shopfront Beautified

Submit a request to have one of the incredible artists from Matilda Swanson Gallery come and beautify your storefront window with original art!

Register for the Family Culinary Exploration Program - Free!

Receive fresh ingredients at your doorstep and enjoy this program with your entire family.

Register for ET's School In Nature - Free!

Elephant Thoughts, in partnership with our generous donors at NSERC, are gifting a large number of spaces at our School In Nature.
Fresh Air

Register for Virtual Summer Camp - Free!

Register your child for our virtual summer camp where they will learn to build their very own computer, complete with Minecraft!

Our Partners in Joy

The Peak FM

the Talk of the town

Our exclusive media partners at The Peak FM are always up for supporting a good cause. Thanks to incredible individuals that keep us informed, and entertained. You are a pillars of this community and we appreciate your support. 

The Kearns Paara Group

the Grunt work

Mike, Andres and the rest of the team at the Kearns Paara Group are sponsoring Project Joy because of how much they care about this community. They will be helping us spread joy through deliveries, and sponsorship of the print and beautification efforts. 

Sarah Filion of the Matilda Swanson Art Gallery is already known the trail of colour and art she leaves in her wake. Her and a team of incredible artists from the gallery are contributing to Project Joy by painting their own version of colourful joy on business windows across South Georgian Bay.  

keeping you safe

We wanted to let you know that your safety is our number one concern. The LAST thing we want to do is contribute to the problem. We are taking every precaution in our power to ensure that the goods that are delivered to families and heroes have been properly sanitized and have not been touched by another human being for at least 24-48 hours to reduce any potential risks during this pandemic. Our staff and volunteers will deliver and handle gifts wearing gloves and masks. If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to to reach out and ask us a question.