it takes a village | our collaborative approach

The Child Freedom Project is a collaboration on every front. From the creation of our modules, where we have worked with partners all over the world collecting unique and original content for your students, to the process of submitting micro-fundraising projects that come from the heart of immediate, measurable need. From our model of connectivity, where Child Freedom Classrooms, gain and learn from Partner Recipients through a reciprocal relationship of global responsibility, to our generous contributors and sponsors. Each piece of the puzzle intrinsic to the broader mission of alleviating poverty and improving the quality of life for children and youth around the world.

Partners in Connectivity

Global Hubs

Elephant Thoughts, through the Child Freedom Project has identified a string of partners, starting in Tanzania and Haiti (with our pilot projects) to further our “connectivity” pillar, designed to enhance the learning experience of students here in Canada, meanwhile providing meaningful opportunities for education and employment through our Global Hubs. Hubs will be equipped with computers, camera and recording equipment and other technology to support the continued programming of select partners, as well as contribute to classroom connectivity and module content.

Alizeti Community

Ingra, Tanzania
The Alizeti Community believes in the power of children and youth. Through education and connecting youth with community mentors and teachers of cultural talents, we embrace and foster the energy of these young people, and channel it towards cultural and community vibrancy.

Devoted to Children

Jacmel, Haiti
Devoted to Children (D2C) is a small organization that started with a family home for orphaned and abandoned children. Once established as a healthy, stable home for a small group of children and youth, D2C began to branch out with community projects to support other youth and children in the community.

partners in poverty relief & education

Partner Recipients

As is discussed in one of our learning modules, aid can be blind, and even harmful if  not carried out with awareness and consideration. The first step to responsible giving is LISTENING. We differentiate ourselves by listening to people, schools and organizations on the ground who have identified needs in their communities.  We refer to our funding project sources as partners (rather than beneficiaries) in the solution. This is a mindset as well as a reality – each partner will be contributing to the mission of CFP in a unique and important way by connecting with classrooms and helping students learn and appreciate the value of their actions.

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Our family of Partner Recipients will continue to grow. If you would like to receive funding and take part in our program please get in touch by completing our Partner Recipient application form. 

partners in potential 

Friends & Allies

We are so grateful to have the interest and support of people and organizations who share in our mission. Key to our development, sponsorships and support of any kind goes a long way to provide transformative education to a generation of conscious students and improve the lives of children and youth around the world. Child Freedom Project Represents the international arm of our organization, Elephant Thoughts. Without the continued support of generous partners we could not achieve our goals.