MODULE : Everyday Racism


Everyday Racism

Take your class on an enlightening journey through covert racism. This module is an exploration of subtle racism and is meant to increase awareness of how the history of overt racism is an undercurrent of the less obvious forms of racism we see and experience everyday.

What you can expect

  • Learn to identify your own racial / cultural bias, and understand that it is not based on anything but stereotypes (not fact)
  • Learn how to be an active part of the progress toward a racism free world
  • Learn the heart wrenching story of Sarah Baartmaan and understand how history informs the present experiences of Black women 
  • Understand micro-aggressions and their deeper historic meanings. 
  • Learn the difference between covert, overt and systemic racism and how to identify them in a scenario challenge
  • Hear from students in two different countries who have experienced covert racism and how it makes them feel 

Downloads & Preparation

The preparation for this module is moderate but optional.
  • Printing of student handouts is optional for two activities
  • We suggest that teachers read and or print the activity instructions
  • Collection of responses from students to send to CFP is suggested at the end of the module (email or snail mail), we pay for postage upon request.

Lesson Plan & Insights (Suggested)

Microaggression Activity Materials (Optional)

Physical Appearance Categorization Materials (Optional)