breaking down barriers between funder and recipient 

facilitate meaningful global connections

Connectivity between your students, the fundraisers, and the children whom they are supporting is the final piece of our transformative educational journey. Take your students around the globe on an academic adventure. Make positive, measurable impacts on communities around the world and connect to the people you are supporting and learning about! 

Encourage empathy

Connecting directly with recipient partners will deepen the level of understanding, concern, and empathy your students gain from their learning and fundraising activities. To put a face, colours, sights, sounds, expressions, and interactive experience to the fruits of their labour will help them to become conscientious civic contributors of the future. 

enhance learning

Through direct connection to the source of their fundraising targets your class will further deepen their understanding of the course subject matter. Removing the distance between themselves and global issues will bring them closer to the material and give them a more well rounded academic experience. 

Empower students

Connecting directly with the partner recipients allows your class to see the impact of their actions. To see their hard work paying off to actually improve the quality of life for other children and youth around the world will be an incredibly empowering experience. Through this connection they will see that they are powerful contributors who can make positive change happen. 

how it works

Your project manager will help you customize your class experience and facilitate your relationship with the partner recipient you decide to support. Each partner recipient is expected to provide a minimum of 2 updates per school year to their Canadian partner classroom.  


get to know your recipient partner

As you and your students will learn in our introductory module, helping begins with listening and learning. Learn as much as you can about your recipient partner. This learning will begin with an introductory update directly from the source! Your class will receive images, stories, and or videos depending on the capabilities and resources of your selected recipients.
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witness your impact

Your students will have the opportunity to see, hear, and understand how their efforts impacted your partner recipients. They will have the chance to ask questions, see pictures, and videos and varying levels of interactivity with the partner recipients following the completion of the project that they supported.
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