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We aim at complete transparency. In the program’s onset 85% of funds raised will go directly to the parter recipients. We aim to reduce our administrative costs as we develop our program. A portion of the 15% will go toward supporting projects that are not selected by classrooms. 

Partner recipients may request to be added to our roster. We have a set of criteria to ensure legitimacy and follow up procedures to ensure funds are being used for the intended purpose. 

Projects are submitted based on the immediate needs of partner recipients and the communities and individuals they serve. 

There are no fees associated with our program. Teachers and classrooms join free of any charges. There are no upgrades, on in-app purchases. 

Simply register your class to start the process and we will help you set up your profile in the app. Once you have a profile you may view all of the modules and see the current fundraising opportunities. 

The learning modules are typically designed for grades 6-12, however, some are generally age appropriate for all grades. Overtime we aim to develop a library of content that suits classrooms of all ages. Each learning module comes with an instruction kit and a content advisory as some modules contain content about sensitive subjects, like genital mutilation or violence. 

It’s simple, just register your classroom by creating an account, or request a demo, and one of our project managers can assist you through the process. You will always have one on one, in person support as a member of our program. 

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