Foundations in Freedom

Students will define freedom in their own words and discover what other children think about freedom. They will analyze the United Nations  Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its four pillars of freedom to understand concepts like human rights, equality, and equity. Students will also compare and contrast Canada’s standing on the Global Gender Gap Index with countries from around the world.

What you can expect

  • Gain perspective on what it means to be free from children around the world
  • Part take in engaging classroom discussions 
  • Gain insight on the facets of life that contribute to a person’s level of freedom
  • Take part in an eye opening activity ranking countries in the Global Gender Gap Index
  • Learn about the 30 human rights and freedoms declared by the United Nations 
  • Take part in a talking circle and understand the importance of listening and being heard

Print Outs & Preparation

The preparation for this module is low to moderate. 

  • Teacher should print out some materials in advance. 
  • Students require paper and pencil