Levelling the playing field

Our mission at Elephant Thoughts is to support and create quality educational experiences and opportunities for children and youth facing barriers. 

Our commitment

educational outreach and opportunities

Elephant Thoughts is dedicated to reduce poverty, facilitating equality and creating opportunities, for children and youth facing barriers, through educational outreach and opportunities. It is our mission to bridge barriers with opportunities for skill development, improving self confidence, and enriching experiences. Barriers can be economic, mental, physical, geographic, or access based. We want to provide life-changing opportunities for children and youth by equipping them with the skills they need to build fulfilling careers and prepare for the future.

Our Values

our core values underpin every program and offering we serve our community with.

Equality in Education

We believe in equal access to quality education and opportunity for children and youth in our local community and everywhere on earth. We continue to find new ways to reach more pupils and improve access to our programming, support quality education in other facilities, and reduce barriers to opportunity.

Environmental Stewardship

We encourage students to explore and engage in activities that make them aware of their impact on our planet. Our goal through thoughtful programming is to foster environmentally literate and conscientious citizens capable of building a bright and healthy future for themselves and their communities.

Global Citizenship

We believe that cultural sensitivity, awareness of privilege, empathy, compassion and knowledge of global issues are important qualities for young students to develop. We strive to equip our program participants with the tools they need to move forward as active contributors to a world with improved equality for all.

Our Approach

Skills Training & Internships

Providing youth with opportunities to learn and apply practical skills is central to our mandate. Internships in culinary arts, carpentry, fine arts ( glass blowing, pottery), media arts and more are currently offered in various formats to suit the needs of the communities we serve. 

Academic Support

Elephant Thoughts supports schools and teachers across Canada in content, teaching, special program delivery, and supporting graduation rates in communities that have historically faced barriers. 


Youth centres and remote maker spaces are a fantastic way to create opportunities in remote or economically challenged communities. In our centres we provide access to cutting edge technology and innovative, fun, engaging programming for children and youth. 

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