eastern headquarters


Elephant Thoughts’ Maritime Campus



Perched on a hilltop overlooking the St. John river this thirteen acre property is home to a working restaurant and a 14-room Inn, greenhouses, an industrial kitchen, culinary arts teaching facilities, and soon to be a digital makerspace. 

Culinary Arts Facilities

The campus hosts a fully equipped industrial kitchen, stone-fired oven, outdoor Swedish cooking tables, and edible gardens for foraging seasonal produce.

Green Houses

A wide-open space for students and visitors to explore their creative sides. With glass-blowing equipment, 3D printers, and all sorts of fantastic tools and materials the sky is the limit in the Art Barn.

Retreat Accommodations

A beautiful inn with 14 bedrooms provides housing to program participants and visiting guests. The working inn provides the opportunity for hospitality work experience.

Agricultural Grounds

Edible gardens and agricultural space for our culinary and agriculture programs.

Recreational Spaces

An indoor pool, large open grounds, and a playground complete the grounds.



As with every single effort put forth by Elephant Thoughts, Riverstone seeks to serve children and youth facing barriers. These barriers may include physical, mental, emotional, geographical, social or economic. We aim to be as inclusive as possible and offer our resources and programs to a community that benefits from them long term. By serving those facing barriers we aim to level the playing field, improve equal access to quality education and opportunities for future healthy, happiness and fulfillment. 

We also make the facilities here at Pathsaala available to other non-profit organizations with likeminded values. We hope to foster relationships with a large network of organizations and collaborate through shared resources, minds and space to further our goals. 

Our space at Pathsaala is a cherished one and we want to be able to share it with as many people as possible. We do provide the opportunity for private groups or individuals to access the space when it is not needed for programming. 100 per cent of proceeds from private use goes back into programming. 



There is always something happening at our Riverstone campus, find out what’s happening, check out our events calendar or drop us a line. 

The coming summer season is already set to be packed with children’s nature camps, skill building retreats for youth: 


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In addition to the three core values at the centre of all of Elephant Thoughts activities – Educational Excellence and Equality, Global Citizenship and Environmental Stewardship – we have some big plans for Riverstone. Riverstone is set to be a buzzing hub of innovation, activity and education in practical environmentalism, sustainability and cultural diversity. 

Riverstone is defined by a collaborative spirit that underpins our values and goals for the campus and our broader organization. 

Responsible Food Production & Sourcing

Acres of fertile soil and the mighty Saugeen River make Riverstone the ideal place for locavores. A focus of this property is the practical teaching focused on food sustainability, food sovereignty, food foraging, and outdoor cooking.

Sustainable Facilities & Operations

From accommodations that maximize on materials sourced right at Riverstone to bunkies that were made from pine milled by a local Amish community, Riverstone is about low impact and locally sourced.

Support for Independent Business & Craft

Every piece of lovingly made furniture and décor supports a local maker from around the world. As part of our global development work we support small local and international business owners at fair market prices in India, Tanzania, Nepal, Indonesia, and Mexico.

Collaborative Policy

We want to break down barriers not only for the communities we directly serve but for those served by like-minded organizations. We believe in sharing this wonderful space with as many other non-profits as can make use of it to benefit children and youth facing barriers. We are developing a model that will conducive to sharing resources, space, talent, and efficacy in the spirit of our (shared) mission.

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