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Youth Leadership Retreats

Find your voice, create lasting bonds and expand your horizons.

Take an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and growth

Part take in a tailored retreat at one of our beautiful campuses, immersed in nature, surrounded by like-minded peers and lead by inspiring mentors and teachers. Engage in skill building workshops, cultural experiences and leadership development. At the heart of each program is empowering youth to find their voices, articulate their needs and contribute to their communities.

An unforgetable experience

Our dynamic and carefully curated retreat programs are full of unique learning opportunities, here’s what you can expect: 

  • Learn new skills and discover new passions. 
  • Learn about different aspects of life in Canada.
  • Connect with mentors and available services.
  • See modelling of healthy lifestyle and habit building.
  • Make meaningful and lasting friendships and relationships.
  • Gain an improved sense of empathy for a variety of cultures. and an appreciation for the Canadian experience. 
  • Gain digital literacy and share your voice through digital media. 
  • Retreats are customized for each group and may include food foraging, digitally capturing bird sounds, leadership skills, journaling, cultural history, yoga, meditation, black history, culinary arts among other topics. 

2023 Retreats Full

Thank you so much for your interest! Our 2023 Program is full. Complete the form below to join our database and be considered for other similar programs. Browse other opportunities for leadership and skill development here. 

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This program is made possible thanks to funding through Heritage Canada

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