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Employment Opportunities

Make a Difference with Elephant Thoughts

Elephant Thoughts is now recruiting instructors for our Indigenous School Programs. Short and long-term contracts available.

Are you:

  • A believer that education is an important tool to effect positive change in our world?
  • Passionate about issues facing Indigenous youth?
  • A certified teacher, post-secondary graduate or student with a background in education and/or science and/or math?
  • Able to communicate clearly and effectively in:
    1. English (required)
    2. French (strong asset)
  • Willing to travel to some of the most beautiful, yet remote areas of the country?
  • Excited by the idea of challenging yourself every single day?
  • Creatively minded, a problem-solving guru with an ability to adapt to ever-changing situations?

    If this sounds like you, please send a resume and cover letter to indicating why this program is a good fit for you.

    Location: travelling to and between remote communities.

    Meal stipends provided while working in remote communities and during travel.

    Other benefits: travel and accommodations provided while working in remote communities.

    Note: it is your financial responsibility to travel to our main headquarters for training and preparation.

    Teacher/Tutor – Northern Programs

    Program Instructor


    My work experience with ET has been phenomenal.  Working in such a positive environment has allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and really trust and enjoy my job.  ET is such an amazing organization that has really opened my eyes about struggles within the world.

    From being a pretty conservative person, I had opened up in ways I didn’t expect to in a work environment. I have met lots of great people, gained knowledge about teaching, resources, and Indigenous communities. This job inspired me and brought out new passions I never knew I had, and for that I am very grateful.

    Amberly Ferguson

    The biggest highlight for me was watching one of my students pass her science exam, after that she was able to graduate and head to college. She’s currently finishing her second diploma at Algonquin College. I was just a small part of her success story as her tutor but watching her flourish made every hour worth it. ET changed my life. It put me back on track as an educator.
    Krista McNamara

    With Elephant Thoughts I had the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful communities across Canada and meet some of the most interesting and welcoming people I could have imagined.  The bonds you create with your working partners, with the communities and with the people you meet can and will last a lifetime.

    Elephant Thoughts gave me the opportunity to work with youth in an engaging and meaningful manner that allowed me to realize that teaching is what I wanted to do with my life. It gave me the work and life experiences possible to enter the teaching profession, and for that I am eternally grateful.

    James Watkins

    What I’ve enjoyed most in my tenure with Elephant Thoughts is watching students finally grasp concepts that they have been struggling with in the classroom and the look of pure joy come across their face. Elephant Thoughts provides a nurturing community that allowed me to realize that I would like to continue working in the education sector. Currently. I am in the midst of completing my Masters of Education at the University of British Columbia.

    Mallory Davies

    Everyday has its own special moments. I loved working with the amazing staff ET employs. My most favourite moments with ET are when you have a child who doesn’t seem interested or not understanding, have the moment where they get excited and into a lesson or activity, and you see their face light up.

    Working with Elephant Thoughts taught me so many transferable skills. I learned to problem solve, multitask, and so much more. It also helped me to understand how I wanted to move forward with my personal and professional life. The
    experience I gained with ET helped shape my future and who I am.

    Olivia Stukator

    Travelling from coast to coast to coast with Elephant Thoughts allowed me the opportunity to go places and do things I would have never got to do otherwise. With Elephant Thoughts, I was able to see 9 Provinces and 2 Territories (so far) and visit some of the most beautiful and remote parts of Canada. Specific highlights include driving through Jasper Provincial Park and seeing the wildlife of the Rockies, and seeing the northern lights for the first time on the James Bay coast in Chisasibi, QC.

    Working for Elephant Thoughts allowed me opportunities to work within several Cree School Board schools and revitalized my dream of becoming a teacher. This experience allowed me to get into the teaching profession and develop my approach to teaching. Elephant Thoughts training and programs taught me about pedagogical and cultural approaches that work for First Nations students and their unique realities.

    Matthew Wodhams

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