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Elephant Thoughts Local School Programs

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In-School Field Trips

Why spend hours on a bus when we can bring you the highest quality, most exciting full day science programs available? Less than the cost of field trips, and more fun thanks to our fully hands-on activities. It’s like bringing the science center to you!  During the program, hands-on activities and exciting demonstrations will touch on expectations from all four strands of the Ontario Science Curriculum.  The entire year of science will be summarized and emphasized in an exciting manner.  At the same time the program will cultivate higher level thinking skills like critical thinking and problem solving as well as developing creativity, curiosity, and scientific vocabulary.

In a program like this, kids do more, learn more, are inspired more, and all at a portion of the cost!

Like to find out more? Contact amazingedu@elephantthoughts.com or give us a call at 866-702-5552.

After School Programs

Our After School Programs are second to none. For grades 1 to 5, this program is filled with whiz, bam, boom science fun! The program kicks off with an absolutely free one hour science show for the entire school followed by 5 weeks of hands-on science workshops for registered participants. It’s a great way to strengthen curriculum-linked science skills, build confidence, and bring a level of science education to the school that schools could not afford on their own.

Program activities include:

    • owl pellet dissection
    • slime making
    • gummie worms
    • snow making
    • water crystals
    • shrinky dinks
  • cold front water tanks
  • bird whistles
  • rain forest seed activity
  • touch and see squares
  • exciting demos

There are lots of creations to take home each week!

Cost of the Program

The cost of the program is $49 for the entire 5 weeks and for every 9 students registered, Elephant Thoughts will sponsor one student to attend for free.

100% of profits support our work in international schools – a huge win/win! To find out more or to book your After School Program, contact amazingedu@elephantthoughts.com or give us a call at 705-444-2012.

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