collingwood youth centre


Youth mental health issues including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and suicide are on the rise in Canada.

Our programs provide a gateway to building resilience in youth so they have the tools to take on, and have victory over, challenges they face.  In an effort to provide a happy, prosperous, well-balanced future for all children and youth, we have taken a leading role in developing and managing the Collingwood Youth Centre. We do this in partnership with The Town of Collingwood and The Environment Network.

the cyc strategy involves

  • Engaging youth in areas they are passionate about
  • Exposing youth to new experiences and mentors
  • Enabling youth to express themselves and develop their leadership potentials
  • Enabling youth to have fun with their friends in a safe, inclusive, and stimulating environment
  • Exposing youth to healthy choices like active lifestyles and healthy cooking

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