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A 12 week course for self identifying female youth with something to prove.

Set Goals, Build Skills, Create Bonds, Level Up

Girl with a Plan is a 12 week online program for driven, self-identifying female youth age 16 – 25 who are interested in gaining skills and experience in digital arts and business development. The skills and guidance provided in this course are designed to set participants up with the foundations they require to launch their own ideas and reach their goals. 

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get ahead

learn. practice.

Create & Publish a Live Podcast

Learn how to create a podcast from the ground up. Create an episode with a fellow GWAP Gals and publish and market it!

Explore Digital Arts

Graphic design, illustration, photography and multimedia editing - we are diving into all of the good stuff with incredible, inspiring female contributors.

Set Your Digital Foundations

Work with the GWAP squad to develop a brand, style guide, marketing strategy, social media presence and website for the podcast, put your work into practice and analyze the results.

Goal Setting & One on One Coaching

Identify your goals, develop a niche and make your own plan for the future with the help of experienced instructors and wellness coaches.

Looking forward to this journey with you

Whether your goals are to make music, be a journalist, artist, scientist, photographer, politician, public speaker… ANYTHING, this course can help you build a foundation of skills, connections, assets and the CONFIDENCE to support the achievement of your goals. I hope that my own education, experience and career journey can help and inspire you to follow your own goals and go after the things you want in life. My first “real job”  at 20 years  old, was a communications specialist that travelled all over Latin America helping to bridge technology gaps in sustainable environmental technologies, nuclear energy and medicine. My career has taken me from a photo journalist in rural Costa Rica to a Brand Manager stationed between New York, Manilla and London for an International Disaster Risk Management organization. For the better part of the last decade I launched and operated a successful marketing company that allowed me to work with wonderful people, organizations and continue travelling the world in meaningful ways. I can’t wait to apply my own experience and knowledge with you and guide you on this journey. I will be joined by a handful of other inspiring women who have followed their own goals and continue to achieve and build great, beautiful and wonderful lives for themselves. 
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Girl with A Plan Application
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Guest Speakers From All Walks

Stand by as we release week by week our incredible line up of wonderful women. Our guest speakers will guide you through the technical, business, professional and emotional side of setting goals and reaching them.